Club Pimpelipom is an event concept, a meeting point of different art forms, constantly changing collective. It can include concerts, films, dance, theatre and other performances, activities and almost whatever depending on the night. Each event is planned uniquely for each venue with young upcoming artists. It can be held in a small shop, in a theatre, in a a bar or wherever..

WHAT DOES “Pimpelipom” MEAN?

“Pimpelipom! Mikael” said a friend to Mikael on a terrace of a hotel in Salvador de Bahia in 2003, when he was playing berimbau while the rest of the people were trying to eat and drink.

Pimpelipom! is not really a word, but in Finnish it’s kind of a children’s expression to describe a sound of some instrument, often piano.

They have somehow
taken part in Pimpelipom
during its short history:

Esitystaiteen keskus
Sonja Brûhlmann
Martine Painter
Mikael Kuosmanen
Sirkku Mäenpää
Anna Perälä
Nussivat Pääskyset
KuKuu Ensemble
Beniamino Borghi
Taiteen Vaihtolava
Tom Gamble
Anna Kuusamo
Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka
Ewan King
Oberon White
Sonja Elonen
Mari Real Leaf
Pop In
Aurélien Vacher
Lilli Elina
Hector Marzo
Paper Dress Vintage
Heath Street Church
Esther Mendez
Anne-Gaelle Thiriot
Emmi Mikkilä
Caterina Sampietro
Arkadia Bookshop


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